This material (which seems to be instructions to Stanford's admissions committee) was posted on 2009's Who Got In on March 1st

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8 January 2009: Begin Initial Screening (Due: Noon, 17 January)

1. Each committee member reads approximately 67 assigned dossiers. Each dossier will be read by two readers. 2. Assign grades as follows: A = definitely admissible B = maybe admissible C = not admissible

6. We need to eliminate about 75% of these initial dossiers. Please be generous with your “C”’s. Since in the next stage each one of us will be reading, roughly, every dossier that did not get a “C” from a reader in this first stage. 7. We have 7 business days to read our assigned dossiers.

Noon, 16 January: Finish Initial Screening

•� Dossiers that have received either two ‘C’s or one ‘C’ and one ‘B’ will be eliminated. (If this leaves too many dossiers then we may have to drop the BBs too.) The remaining dossiers will all be considered “admissible”.

17 January: Begin Ranking of remaining dossiers (Due: Noon, 26 January)

•� Each committee member reads each remaining dossier (approximately 40) and assigns it a grade from 1-3 with 1 as the highest and 3 as the lowest. Fractional grades are allowed. •� Please note diversity candidates. •� As you are reading, please let me, Nadeem, know whether you think we would benefit from having the candidate’s paper(s) read by another member of our department not on the committee. I think we should err on the side of giving our colleagues as early an opportunity as possible to get involved. •� We have a week to do this.

Noon, 26 January: Finish Ranking of dossiers

Please send your ranks to Alberto. •� Alberto will use our rankings to generate a spreadsheet showing the scores each of one us has given to each dossier with mean score and standard deviation from the mean for each candidate. •� We will send this out to the department

9:30-10:50 AM, Tuesday, 27th January: Committee meeting to determine admission proposal to department

•� The admissions committee will meet to go over our ranked list. •� We need to settle on three things in our proposal to the department:

- Which students do we want to propose admitting? - Which diversity candidates that were not admitted but that are admissible should be proposed for incremental Graduate Diversity Fellowships?

28 January: Present proposal at department meeting

•� The department will consider our above proposal and vote on it or some amended version thereof. •� This is the point at which the majority of the work for most committee members will be over.

2 February: Alberto and Nadeem submit Graduate Diversity Fellowship Program nominations and inform students who have been admitted

•� This is the due date for these nominations in order for Diversity candidates to be invited to either GRAD Day or our Admit Weekend as admitted students (see below).

1 - 3 March: Philosophy Department Admit Weekend

•� {Schedule TBA}

9 March: H&S Graduate Recruitment and Diversity Day (GRAD Day) 2009

•� H&S hosts a special set of events for admitted students that qualify as contributing to diversity. H&S pays to fly these students out. •� In all likelihood since we are flying students out the week before, many of our diverse admitted candidates will not attend GRAD day. (H&S also pays us to fly out our diverse admitted candidates for our own admit weekend.) •� However, it is always possible that we can get an extra diversity fellowship late in the game and then that candidate could attend GRAD day.


  • The 2010 visitation was Monday and Tuesday, March 9th and 10th.

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