Past DecisionsEdit

In the past, there have been three stages to the selection process. In the first stage, approximately 15 out of every 80 applications are chosen to be read by "expert readers." In the second stage, two expert readers read each paper to assess whether the applicant can do good work in his or her field. If both readers approve the paper, then the applicant goes on to the final round. If both readers reject the paper, the application is rejected. And if the readers disagree, the paper is sent on to a third reader to break the tie. In the last stage of the process, somewhere around 15-18 applicants are chosen from the remaining pool of applications on a comparative basis.

Past DecisionsEdit

  • In 2007, decisions were sent out on Tuesday, March 6th.
  • In 2008, decisions were sent out on Tuesday, March 4th.
  • In 2009, decisions were sent out on Thursday, March 5th.
  • In 2010, decisions were sent out on Tuesday, March 2nd.

Acceptances and rejections are both sent out by email. Accepted applicants will first receive an email from someone in the department (typically the DGS) and then receive an automatically generated email from the graduate school. Rejected applicants will only receive an email from the graduate school.

Number of Acceptances and ApplicationsEdit

The Princeton philosophy department usually accepts somewhere around 15-17 applicants and aims to have a class of 7-10 students. There is no waiting list. The number of typical applicants is unknown.


All accepted applicants are given full funding and most of them are given full funding for five years. Funding is, however, very hard to come by after five years. The following is a list of past yearly stipends:

  • In the 2010-2011 academic year, the stipend will be $26,000 and includes health benefits.


  • The 2010 visitation will be Monday and Tuesday, March 22nd and 23rd.

Other Interesting NotesEdit

  • Since 2005, Princeton has accepted at least three applications from students already in terminal Ph.D. programs.
  • In 2010, two of the students accepted to Princeton applied only to Princeton.
  • A number of schools, including Princeton, Rutgers, NYU, and MIT, coordinate their visitation weekends, since they often accept the same people.

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