If you have any info about acceptances/waitlists/rejections/numbers, please post it here!

Arizona: 6 accepted; not sure about any waiting lists. Over 250 applicants.

Brown: 17 acceptances, hoping for five students.

Chicago: 10 acceptances

Coumbia: 7 spots, 280+ applicants.

Cornell: ~4 positions. 300+ applicants.

CUNY: (?)

Depaul: 10 invited to on-campus visit, 5-6 offers made subsequently. Around 200 apps.

Georgetown: over 200 applications

Georgia State: 139 applications (MA program) by the Feb 1, 2011 deadline


Indiana, Bloomington: 6 accepted, a short waitlist, more than 200 applicants (record-breaking).

Johns Hopkins: (?)

Loyola Chicago: 3 assistantships available, 185 applications, unsure how many offers made, there is an unranked unofficial waitlist

McGill: 4 positions, 2 directly from the BA, 2 from the MA. Went to the waitlist for both. 200-300+ applicants. NOTE: Applicants are evaluated by the entire (full-time) department, not a committee.

Michigan: 5 accepted

MIT: 8 accepted, of which they want to take 5; two waitlists of 5 each, one ranked higher than the other but internally unranked (I know this because I am, alas, on the lower of the two.)

NIU: 15 accepted, 130 applicants, 5-6 GAs

Notre Dame: 300 applications, 10 spots to fill, I heard there were 19 initially accepted , 17 on an unranked waitlist.

Notre Dame - HPS: 5 acceptances, actually have on-campus interviews with 8-10 "candidates"

NYU - 7 accepted, 5 waitlisted

OSU: Hoping for 6 to come; number of acceptances unknown. (I heard that there were 19 accepted.)

Penn State: 8 acceptances, no info on the waiting list, 160+ applicants, recruitment event: 3/17-3/20.

Purdue: Unknown amount of acceptances. Can fund 3 students. 150 applications.

Pitt- HPS: 7 acceptances (5 fully funded; 2 waitlisted for funding)

Princeton : 17 acceptances, no waitlist. (Usually aims for an incoming class of around seven.)

Riverside: 14 accepted, hopeful class of 6. (nearly 300 applications)

Rutgers: about 15 offers sent out so far (mostly logicians and epistemologists)

Stanford: 6 spots, 200+ applicants.

Syracuse: at least 5 accepted (at least one of these waitlisted for TAship), at least 5 waitlisted (unranked)

Toronto: 17 accepted, hoping for 9 to come (320 applications)

UNC: 8 accepted

University of Nebraska, Lincoln: 4 Accepted with Funding, Apx. 13 on waitlist

University of Maryland: Found top 20 candidates. Hoping for four. So we've been able to make offers only to the first half-dozen or so on our list.

University of Pennsylvania: 8 accepted, for class of 5 (140 applications)

University of Memphis: 3 Accepted

USC: 22 accepted

University of Western Ontario: About 10 accepted for PhD, 12 for MA

Washington, St Louis: 141 applicants. Top 30 were accepted/waitlisted. They hope for 4 or 5 students.

Wisconsin: 12 initially admitted, 18 believed to be waitlisted

Yale: 320 applications, 10 initial acceptances, unknown wait list (hoping for 8 students).

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